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Honeybees are under threat. Bridgend Beekeepers has an extensive network of extremely experienced beekeepers who can help and support you with all your beekeeping needs. - Go To Our Home Page
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Welcome to The Bridgend & District Beekeepers Association web site.  Over the course of a year we offer something for everyone.
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You may have heard already that there has been a confirmed sighting of the Asian hornet in the Tetbury area of Gloucestershire. A SECOND sighting made on 4th October '16 in NORTH MENDIP HILLS area of SOMERSET.
Here is a link to the UK Government official press release ->   More information can be found in our LATEST NEWS section
Also see  National Bee Unit page

People want to become beekeepers, for all sorts of reasons. For them we offer evening classes through the autumn and winter months and practical courses in the spring. You learn all you need to know to start beekeeping.
If you want to take up beekeeping then sign up for The Beginners Course starting 1st February 2017. For more experienced beekeepers why not join the Association and update your knowledge at our Open Apiary Sessions which are held at the Association Apiary during the summer months, attend Association meetings which include our Winter Talks Programme, maybe take your beekeeping exams, enter the honey show, take one of the numerous courses we offer each year, or simply turn up to an Association meeting for a chat.
We offer practical advice and support to beekeepers and the general community.

Bridgend Beekeeping Our shop offers a range of beekeeping equipment at advantageous prices for our members - just one of the benefits of joining Bridgend Beekeepers.
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